Australian wildlife part five

I might concentrate on our feathered pals in this post as our birds here are really beaut all colours old world type of birds live here also.
Yep even the Magpie and I like magpie’s scavengers though they are.
They look just the same as the old world ones as well.
We have many sea birds of course but we also have lots that dwell inland ranging from the elusive large flightless cassowary that lives up way past me in north east Qld they are fruit eaters but will at times rob you of your fruit in your backyard; you have been warned.
The males bring up the chicks whilst Mom goes and gets herself knocked up again; this can happen several times strange; I did hear one once when up north in Townsville and it sounded like the sound of an approaching truck.
Much better looking than the Emu I think it has a blue head with a black body

It will hiss at you to try and scare you but lately I have been reading that some are getting quite bold so look out.

The Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is only found here and not to be mixed up with the Palm Cockatoo also black but without the coloured tail and which can also be found in New Guinea a neighbour of ours to the north.
We get white ones of course and also smaller Red/Grey ones commonly called Galahs; Galah is Australian slang for a foolish person as well
Pictured here is the Palm Cockatoo

And below is the Red tailed Black Cockatoo both beaut looking birds in my opinion.

To wind up here is a picture of a male Australian king Parrot a gorgeous looking bird if ever I saw one

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