The Idaho Weasel well a slight exaggeration

It seems this dear little thing real name of Princess toned down a tad to Skeeter and pictured here has many names not all nice ones either.

I tell you what she has a devilish look in her eyes if you look close enough as well.

In the main I gather she is named Weasel-Face, Dog-Butt, Mutley, and Flea-ball I guess she scratches herself a tad.

Seems she is the sole property of a guy known as the Geezer around or near Payette Idaho.

Also a Diva so yep she has to be temperamental as well; a heavy load for a wee dog to handle would make her temperamental I guess.

At the moment she is being looked after by a friend of mine; an easy touch my friend when it comes to animals since I have known her she has cats (I love cats) and get this at one time reared a squirrel known as Rocky the Rodent lol.

Aww Rocky now he is cute I reckon

What say you readers?

I do believe Rocky is still sighted on occasion as well, I never asked Rockie’s gender I guess it was male but in these shots of him he (I will call him he) sure does look hungry I think;

good job Skeeter was not around then as the attention Rocky got would definitely have upstaged her for sure

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  1. Rocky is a spunk! Coooor i would have raised him too... takes a good heart to raise such a fragile creature...Mick looks like i am stuck on your blog for a week lol, very interesting read ;)