I really got a smile out of this

Sent to me by a reader in the end I even commented on it I just could not help myself
The lady who sent me this lives in a very quiet country town in NSW Australia.
I have been to it and I guess it is rather a sleepy place but pleasant enough; well I thought so, in fact there was a time when I used to go there every 9 months or so; on business usually.
Back to the story about this cat; cats are very intelligent animals as I found out for a fact being a cat lover as well as a dog lover well ok any animal then.
I love lizards but I guess they are not everyone’s cup of tea.
To think this cat just hops on and off the bus just like a human really got me a chuckle I hope the Bus company Chairman does not read the article in question I mean he would want it to pay a fare.
This is good publicity for your company Mr Chairman so don’t even think about it.
I am more concerned about the name he has been given I mean his legal owner’s will have already named him; this will prevent a court case I hope; you got it MISTAKEN IDENTITY isn’t he cute these images courtesy of the British Daily Mail as is the story I have written it from.


  1. This is a really cute story.Thanks for sharing.I linked to it if you don't mind.

  2. I don't mind at all in linking with you and thank you for your comment it was most welcome

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  4. no worries Peter I find you go out of your way to help usually so it's not a big deal to thank you at all.