Australian wildlife

We have a weird and wonderful wildlife here not just marsupials and thylacines (one of these is now supposedly extinct) there are quite a few feral species like pigs, goats, horses (Brumbies) even water buffalo, one can see Camels as well which along with horses helped open up this country.

Funny thing re the camels apart from them giving children and adults rides at the beach, they are also exported back to countries that we rough colonials originally bought them from, kind of a tit for tat sort of thing.

I did a slide show for anybody that’s interested of most but not all of our native animals and birds.

You will see one of three Kangaroos lazing on the grass while a fisherman wanders by; this is absolutely true of some of the Roos as it is in a wildlife nature reserve (no firearms permitted) years ago I saw some of these creatures on the south coast of NSW swimming but you had to be an early riser to see it.

The grey and pink cockatoos we call galahs and the cute fluffy birds you may think are owls are in fact Tawny frogmouths

Some whales and Pelicans are in this show I just love those whales so sit back and enjoy the show.

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