Are you batty well I think I am at times?

So just to start off a bit about our Magpie foreigners please note this is not a bat (you knew that I know lol) but I do like the old Maggie and we have four races of them here in the Antipodes (were we called that good heavens lol) this particular species is the white back pictured below but we also have the black backed, Tasmanian and western Magpie.

The Bat at the top is the Arnhem Sheathtail Bat.

When I lived in NSW I used to feed them amongst other birds and to be honest not one Maggie ever swooped on my head as they are prone to do; they do this in the breeding season around June.

I used to feed them chopped or minced beef or whatever meat available, and found if you do this you gain their trust.

Yeah well back to these bats the Arnhem Sheathtail Bat is very rare only 11 specimens have ever been sighted as the name suggests it is only been seen in the northern territory of Australia 11 is not many is it and it appears only 2 were ever sighted which leads me to believe the other 9 could well be in Queensland or New Guinea.

We do have 65 species of bat living here 8 of these are fruit bats usually known as flying foxes yeah I know a bit about them jokers seeing as they used to rob me of my green seedless grapes.

They also rob local orchards of their fruit we have a name for them I’ll keep it to myself lol

A little info worth remembering the fruit bat or flying fox in Australia carries Rabies and yet yes they can be handled with complete safety.

Mind you I like the little fellers for all that they look much the same as the Ghost Bat.

These ghost bats may look similar but they are carnivores indeed cannibals as well as they are not worried about eating other bats obviously not a criminal offence in bat land.


Marsupials the Opossum

Marsupials are not only found in Australia and New Guinea or even Borneo they can also be found in the Americas in certain places Argentina for instance in the main Opossums; they do however look like ours here in Australia.

We just call them Possums but be warned they can and will live in the roof of your house; I had a family of them once who lived in the roof sadly I had to get rid of them humanely of course the noise and smell was quite horrendous.

At that time they were used in the training of greyhounds a practice I deplored so I got my local council in to do the job.

Possums can scratch nastily as well but are very cute to look at especially when the whole family Mom Dad and six littlies trooped through my bathroom under the eaves.

They love apples so one can try their luck by tempting them with an apple just watch their claws.

My neighbour told me that I disturbed them by lighting a fire as they were living in the chimney; yes it got a tad cold in New South Wales in the winter not like Queensland where I now live.

At any rate here is a picture of a couple cute huh remember the young when born have a difficult task ahead of them climbing from the vagina into the pouch not all make it and Mom does not help one bit sadly, it always seems longer for a Joey or naked roo to make that trip as well but that’s nature folk


One tough pussy cat

A hiking party was preparing to climb the Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss alps well maybe it should be called the European alps so this guy he got up pretty early to climb up to this massive peak; carrying the usual food, ropes, special equipment and some emergency food supplies.

After a pretty strenuous effort the group made it to the top did all the usual congratulations and stuff but a faint mewing sound was heard and their spirits at the achievement was shattered just a tad.

It seems our guy’s kitty who he left behind at the hotel whilst he climbed 14,780 metres with his buddies had wondered what had happened to his breakfast so just followed the climbers up to the peak; no emergency supplies for this wee beastie no sir.

Well it could have happened I guess or could it lol.