Marsupials the Opossum

Marsupials are not only found in Australia and New Guinea or even Borneo they can also be found in the Americas in certain places Argentina for instance in the main Opossums; they do however look like ours here in Australia.

We just call them Possums but be warned they can and will live in the roof of your house; I had a family of them once who lived in the roof sadly I had to get rid of them humanely of course the noise and smell was quite horrendous.

At that time they were used in the training of greyhounds a practice I deplored so I got my local council in to do the job.

Possums can scratch nastily as well but are very cute to look at especially when the whole family Mom Dad and six littlies trooped through my bathroom under the eaves.

They love apples so one can try their luck by tempting them with an apple just watch their claws.

My neighbour told me that I disturbed them by lighting a fire as they were living in the chimney; yes it got a tad cold in New South Wales in the winter not like Queensland where I now live.

At any rate here is a picture of a couple cute huh remember the young when born have a difficult task ahead of them climbing from the vagina into the pouch not all make it and Mom does not help one bit sadly, it always seems longer for a Joey or naked roo to make that trip as well but that’s nature folk


  1. I like these stories about nature and wildlife. Well done Mick, keep it up.

  2. I just learned about evolution things, got to know so much about about how Austrailian biodivisity can be compared to the rest of the world.
    Some species found in austrailia are related with those seen in the rest of the world, but the distances made them evolove differently.

  3. Thank you all for your comments