Wildlife part four

I have decided to number these posts on Australian wildlife now it makes it a lot easier for me when saving it etc.


The Tasmanian Devil not found on mainland Australia at all and is carnivorous he/she likes their meat but is a marsupial so has a pouch for young it is not very big;
I did read in a book they were shy creatures but I saw one once and it growled all the time mainly over food.
It does live near humans as it scavenges for a feed but they will kill their own kind to protect its food etc; it also screams as well as growl so I am certainly glad we have none wild here where I live.
Here is a picture of one below just like a little Terrier dog in a way

I thought it quite cute in a way.
Much better than one of these fellers pictured here and the female is the most deadly believe me.

This peoples is the renowned Sydney Funnel web Spider so called because at one time it was only found in a 160 Kilometre (100 mile) radius; not anymore of course the last time I saw one it was a good 4 hours drive from Sydney.
They have this nasty habit of jumping from the ground and their bite can kill but not always; they live in the ground I used to spot them when I lived in a Sydney suburb, I found pouring kerosene or methylated spirit down the hole brings them up kill them quick was always my motto and always will be.
It kills the male after mating by the way.

Then we have Queensland’s official bird the Brolga pictured here doing it’s mating dance for which it is quite famous.

It really is just a crane; I used to have a crane visit me everyday without fail for a feed and it was so picky it would only eat meat seed was a no no with this metre high beauty.
If I never got up to feed it; it would come and honk at my door so funny to watch and hear.
This is the type that honked at my door.

And nothing like a cassowary at all the famous of which is of course the Emu; strange creatures there are some Emus here further north but be warned some of them will bite you, one bit one of my sons once well so he said at least.

And just to round off part four here are two pictures of Lizards the Thorny Devil and the Bearded Devil; great camouflage on that Thorny one I thought; they are usually found in the centre of Australia
This is old thorny you can pick them up at first glance it looks like a Cactus I know and Beardy is underneath I hope you enjoy this post and its so much better to do than political posts as well

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