Updated details for this blog

This was originally a private blog but at least three folk e-mailed me and said they could not get on it for various reasons I looked into this and found that other blog owners were getting similar mails to mine.

I noticed that one person never bothered at all so in the end I decided to make it a public blog like my other one.

So now you folk who wish to read it can just by looking at it on the net like anybody else.

Really this was not my intention but that’s life folks if you wish to comment you can; if you do not have a blog user name you can always make an anonymous comment and leave the initial of your first or Christian name as I was always taught to call it a Christian name and I refuse to change my ways at my time of life.

It will be in the main about wildlife from all over the world although I shall try and concentrate on Australian wildlife as it is unique in regards to other countries; but not all of course

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