A follow up

Not such a happy visit after all.

This visit did not go down so well so I cleared off back home she did not want her picture taken it was arranged to go for a beer with them that was knocked on the head; my daughter put them up plus myself but there were some unknowns in the place.

To be brief a boarding house except for her regular guy who boards there and kindly gave me his bed.

I quite liked the guy but I have met him before and we got on ok very good of him to let me use his bed I reckon

So sadly no pictures at all oh well such is life.

It rained all the time we had an enforced late start I was ready at the crack of dawn they were not.

My daughter kept telling me my brother in law gave her a $200 Doona he said it was news to him she tells so many tall story's I guess she cannot figure out the true ones now ; I'm certainly glad I don't live with her but I must admit she fed me well and I appreciated that.

Personally I don’t give a flying fig regarding her lies or the problem with my Sister.

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