World Cricket 2015 competition

The world cricket competition 2015
Whilst this competition is an excellent idea and brings the cricketing nations of the world together, some of the events that occur on the playing field should be amended.
# Drink breaks should be confined to the official breaks it merely slows the game down.These are impromptu breaks not official one knows it gets hot however I never see Soccer, Rugby, Aussie rules footie  players doing this.
# Electronic reviews should be mandatory for all umpiring decisions

# Fast bowlers should be warned once regarding high deliveries, if breached sent off for a stipulated time.

# Apart from these instances as there are many more it does supposedly bring cricketing nations together every couple of years.
The England team this time were knocked out by Bangladesh who fought hard made a few errors but survived. The English coach and team should be ashamed.
  My own team Australia are just as guilty at times in breaching these conditions.
The idea I guess is to bring nations who play cricket together, a great idea, I'm in favour of that
Similar breaches are also made in test cricket but not as bad as the one day competitions, whilst on that subject why won't the ICC permit Pakistan to play in their own country again lets face it they have been exiled to the Arab emirates in the Persian gulf for quite a few years now

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