Some StumbleUpon Tips for Newbie’s

Just a few tips for stumblers new at this and also for a lot of older ones who oddly enough do not know all of them; I was much the same until a friend told me, so we are or have been guilty at some time.
Here is one that a lot do not know about at all your shares; if someone sends you shares and the message vanishes it is easily found.
It is in your inbox the place you try not to use and send a message via the toolbar; which is a bad habit.
I sent the whole page to a friend once, her reply was; all I received was your page; not true.
When you go to your inbox it says Inbox. View Shares, the image below shows this.
All images are clickable

Sharing, a thorny issue at times lots will not use the bulk share option, if you favourite a site by thumbing up just use the bulk share method, one friend who has over 40 thousand shares cannot do this, the image below shows you, where it says share.

Click on the share button this is what you will see, merely tick all you wish to share to and it goes to your friends e-mail and their toolbar.

If you scroll down before you decide who to share it will show you who has this share; another thorny issue as people just share without looking so consequently you may well get the same share several times.

This is all mentioned on your page if you scroll to the bottom and click on help or FAQ’s.
However nobody takes any notice they share without checking to see if you have it on the info bar, MOST DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS.


  1. ... thank you Mick !! But I must be doing something wrong.... I try to share with more than 1 person.... I have to share each 1 at a time... maybe I'm just confused !! Hey, Congratulations on your new blogs.... just how do you find the time with everything you do already !! Take care my Aussie brother !! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment mate...you are confused I think..if you thumbed it up it goes on your site...then just look at those images I sent click on them to make them bigger

  3. nice toolbars bro