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This is Coolum a tourist spot on the Pacific Ocean in fact quite a few of these images are from there.
It is an attractive tourist spot and much cheaper to visit than beach suburbs like Mooloolaba and Maroochydore further south.
Here is one of Maroochydore which I took a year or so ago now.

Below there is another I took on Mother's day this year (winter) people swim all year around here although I must admit I don't think I would.
Most of these were taken on the same day

Below this is a shot of the Marina at Mooloolaba...underwater world is here along with shops pub milk bars etc.

The fishing trawlers come in here so it's an excellent place to purchase fresh seafood.
Here is a shot of the Marina below where you can go for a canal cruise a great experience I know.

The video was taken by my youngest son of a surf ski carnival at Alexander headland beach in Maroochydore so sit back and enjoy it. Audio recommended

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