A few of our animals we have on the planet

Yes an easy one the Giraffe strange animals for all that I guess.

A familiar sight is the Elephant of course, a huge creature of remarkable intellect; it is said an Elephant never forgets.
They do converse with each other if you get a chance to watch them in their habitat and are sociable creatures especially when rearing their young.

Chippy the Chipmunk is next cute looking but a pest in gardens I was told by a friend of mine.

This little bloke is a Wombat an Australian animal I was told they looked like a Badger personally I can't see the similarity.
They are not so little either and get overweight in captivity.

Below here is an easily recognised animal often called the king of the Jungle

This is a male Orca and below are two Dolphins off the coast of New Zealand.

This polar bear crossing the Tundra near the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba which is a sign of global warming if you notice the Tundra and how barren it is.

Picture of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise, photographed
on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
One huge animal and ancient I bet.

Below is an image of a Rhino in Zimbabwe built like a tank huh!

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