The Northern Territory of Australia

A huge area comprising 1,346,200 sq km Capital City, Darwin and Alice Springs which is a Major City and being at the bottom end of the territory is in Central Australia; home of some of the most amazing flora and wildlife ever seen including the famous land mark known the world over as Ayers rock a huge monolith known as Uluru to our indigenous people; indeed they after consultations with the federal government now own it and have leased it back to us.

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Darwin which lies in our tropics is host to the famous Barramundi fish and the saltwater crocodile known as salties real name Estuarine crocodile; these cunning reptilian mammals can swim some way up stream into fresh water so be warned they are ruthless killers and protected by law.

They are shot usually if they take a human life it depends on the fisheries and wildlife department.

As a point of interest Darwin was the city from where General Douglas MacArthur made his famous speech after escaping from the Philippines in WW2 I "quote I shall return unquote "

There are rainbow fish in the billabongs which living in desert conditions are long lived around 10 years or so; I guess our Koori’s (indigenous people) eat them.

All manner of lizards and very deadly snakes still most of these are prevalent all over Australia.

Termites abound up there and can even be found in the Ghost gums their nests are as big as apples.

Water buffalo originally imported from Indonesia are rife and are a nuisance, feral horses called brumbies and feral camels in fact some camels have been exported back to the middle east as there are so many.

A huge selection of birds lots of which are found all over the country as well.

Many water fowl can be found in Kakadu in the Territory one has to be careful on trips to Kakadu crocs etc lurk for the unwary.

Despite many warnings by Territorians and road signs tourists often forget sometimes at great cost to themselves and I mean that.

People who visit our shores cannot get over the fact that this is the sixth largest country in the world, in fact it is about the same size as mainland America but with a very small population about 20 million live here.

That is the lowest population density in the world or was, these signs you will see if you are fortunate to visit here is the accepted norm here not cute looking as I have often heard tourists remark.

Kangaroos graze on some golf courses Koala crossing signs are all over the place.

Much indigenous art is found in the Territory also and sacred sites

I digress back to birds in the Territory I have another video below with birds etc on it this one gives a much better idea of the rugged life Territorians lead please enjoy both videos

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