African wildlife their struggle to survive

Whilst we as humans go and feed ourselves by buying food etc wildlife has to fend for itself.

I do believe we were like this ourselves years ago, sadly some of us still are.

This of course is to a lot of us horrendous but it is true, lots of us still behave like wild beasts at times.

We have no excuse at all for behaving in this manner, however wildlife has to resort to killing for food instead of buying it or obtaining it via various social security departments, I get fed up hearing folk say why are these animals doing this, mainly on forums; none of them have much of a brain thinking this way, none at all.

I read a comment once on a wildlife video being filmed; such stupidity one was quoted as saying ooh why don’t they stop that lion from doing that.

Could you imagine what they would say to you if you stopped them from purchasing supplies, yes I thought you would.

As my readers are quite normal folk they might be interested in watching this video, so enjoy it; personally I found it fascinating.

If these animals are not permitted to survive thanks to our own stupidity our eco system will fail in the end.

We must preserve these animals many of whom are on the endangered species list.

This list also includes Wales which the Japanese are doing their best to kill off; excellent reading on that subject can be found here.

Another site here shows the animals in Africa.

On the Australian ABC I read this I was appalled when I did so.

We should be helping these people not let them stuff up our eco system like they are unwittingly doing.

We should get our act together what with the current wars raging around the globe we now have humans starving so obviously they are killing for food just like the wildlife.

Yeah I know their governments are corrupt so does this mean we should stand idly by for a lot of people the answer is yes.

This is actually a UN problem that will never get solved, the UN are a bunch of weakies.

I figured you would all like to see these magnificent animals in their own environment though, getting back to the wildlife question something has to be done about these animals.

Yes much has been done but more is needed I reckon, anyway enjoy the video I found it enthralling

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  2. This is an amazing video. Talk about being in the right place at the right time for the lucky cameraman. Thanks for sharing it.

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